Oct 4, 2011

You'll want to see this in person *

Kokoro's 2nd Anniversay show. Thurs., Oct. 6th with some artists that showed this year. Hearts: Inspired by the shape, the symmetry. To me, the shape itself represents what begins with a core, built upon into more space. Our own human hearts have the veins that lead our blood to circulate through our bodies, creating life. I was inspired by the heart shape and of opposite symmetry and cohesive balance. How the figures balance to each others strengths, in color and shape. My yin yang girls are 30"x10" each, 40"x28" both framed together, mixed media. Upon looking closer, you'll discover heart shapes though out. <3

* super quick snapshot: much clearer view in real life haha

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  1. good stuff and i can't wait to see it this Thursday!