Nov 28, 2011

17 Jewels Salon showing

December 2 is Temescal's Art Murmur. Looking forward to walking around this neighborhood to view art and have a glass of wine to warm me up. I'm fond of this hood, it brings me back to when I first visited San Francisco, before moving here. Then I lived here for a quick minute, but fortunately I work up the street and now get my hair cut at this friendly corner salon. Something charming about this place that made me want to join in on the vibes. So, here you'll find my pieces repackaged (framed--finally!) and hanging on the walls if you come out for this first Friday's art walk. There's a new one (below) you'll find there too as a lil surprise. Heard there's a live band that plays on the sidewalk to get you in that cozy holiday feelin.

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