Mar 30, 2017

Mystery artist: this is everything

Help: if you're the artist, step up. I found this beauty on Google and want to give credit where do. Disclaimer: not my art. Copyright: mystery artist.

Mar 17, 2017


My life-size ink/collage/drawing

Mar 14, 2016

Painted paper collage layered cake illustration

I've submitted a design to Minted Design Challenge for a Sweet Kid's Birthday Party. I just knew I had to use my style of painted paper collage to build a sweet cake. Topped with cherries and a multi-colored pencil candle, looks delish to me. Want to vote for me to get these printed by Minted? 

Also, I designed and illustrated these invitations: birthday party doodles and bright party stars made in Illustrator.


Feb 18, 2016


Thought I'd try Minted's competitions and soon get a store on their website. I've been following for awhile and just now decided to take on the challenge every now and then. Check out my first submission to a baby, kid, or teen room art piece.

Jul 9, 2015

Sim Sima's Lookbook: Summer 2015

Photography by Uriah Jacquez

Sim Sima Celebration Summer 2015: top collection

Bird of Paradise. Petal and Buddha Mudra patterns. Inspired by my daily walks through my Oakland neighborhood, floral abounds and the sun shines here. It is easy to create. The gorgeous models are my favorite people making my new hand-painted shirt collection look so damn good. I am forever grateful. 

Oct 30, 2014

Arlecchino's fabric

Uriah and I were inspired by Venice carnival masks from our recent trip to Italy where he purchased Arlecchino's face. Me, his love and fellow servant, Colombina. Trying to keep this Halloween cheap, so it was free--because of old scraps of fabric--but not with labor. This took concentration and a lot of bobbin refills.

Costume pictures come next!

Feb 25, 2014

dancehall pon di plane

Collaboration with Uriah Jacquez on route to Thailand 2013.

AirChina gets maadd wit Halloween 3 Silver Shamrock.